Your Real Estate Paperwork Completed Easily, In Less Time

Break the cycle of frustration caused by real estate transaction paperwork. Easily keep on top of all those repetitive tasks that eat up your precious time, so you can grow your team and grow your business.

What Is PaperZoom?

Its an easy to use real estate paperwork management platform that agents use to keep track of all the items that need to be completed before their deals close.

  • Using it is simple: add a few pieces of information for each deal and the items for that deal and completion dates get automatically added
  • It alerts you on the dashboard when items are nearing deadline and can also send an email as backup so that you can be sure you get everything completed.
  • Fully customizable to the way you work and you can get setup in under 2 minutes
No contract required. Cancel at anytime with no hassle.
Finally. Get those tasks out of your head and into a system, so you’re not stuck remembering to do everything yourself, forever.
Easy to read, highly visual, with interactive features like checkboxes and comments, all lead to a job done well and on-time.
Whether you’re working out in the field, or at your desk, view the status of your transaction items using any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Keeping track of all my deal paperwork was time-sucking but I figured it was a necessary evil-PaperZoom changed that for me! I can quickly add and track the items that need to be done for my deals to close without missing deadlines. It even automatically reminds me when items come due! With the time I saved I was able to increase my marketing and am now looking at adding additional deals to my pipeline. PaperZoom is a game-changer for real estate paperwork.

Christopher Worth, Royal LePage Supreme Realty